Seasonal Pool Maintenance -
Seasonal Pool Maintenance

It’s almost time to close up the pool for the year. Be sure to check these easy tips to ensure your pool is safe during the coming winter months.

1. The first step to ready your pool for freezing weather is to clean the entire pool. Remove debris, leaves, or any pesky insects by using either a pool vacuum or pool skimmer. Clean any excessive buildup off the tiles so that it doesn’t have time to harden over the winter months.

2. Balance the water chemistry. Adjust the pH to the recommended level to prevent any scale buildup or corrosion.

3. Because water expands when it freezes, it is vital to drain your pool to the freezing line in order to avoid damage from cold temperatures.

4. Add the amount of anti-freeze recommended for your pool to further protect your pool and pool area from freeze damage.

5. Disconnect your filter and pump and empty them of leftover water. If you have a heater, make sure it is completely drained and that there is no standing water on the inside. The more you dry out any and all pipes the less damage there will be.

6. Cover your pool with a heavy-duty pool cover that fits your pool. A winter cover is much heavier than a summer cover and will ensure that your water stays clean of extraneous debris and your pool remains protected in the coming winter months.