Choosing New Patio Furniture

The end of the summer season is a fantastic time to pick out patio furniture – everything is on sale! It may be difficult to think about what your tastes for outdoor decor will be for next year, but there are a few basic tips to keep in mind no matter what time of year it is.

First, decide if you’re going to splurge or save. There are pros and cons to both. More expensive materials will last longer, but you won’t want to switch them out every year. Cheaper furniture may only last you a season or two, but you can always stay trendy. Which is best for you?

Style and color are fun, but first focus on material. Are you looking for wicker, woods, plastics or metals? Plastic is usually the least lightest but not necessarily the best looking. Plus, it can pit and fade. Wood furniture is beautiful, more durable and doesn’t bake in the heat, but they do require maintenance.

Metal is one of the most versatile options, available in wrought iron, aluminum and a variety of other options. You can buy the basics, but then dress it up with fashionable cushions and throws. They also tend to stay brighter longer.

Wicker on the other hand can be natural or man-made for a more rustic look. It is durable and lightweight. There are inexpensive options but some of the bulkier pieces can get more expensive.