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Electrical Safety Tips

Whether you’re changing a light bulb or fixing up the wiring in your circuit board, you should always be safe about electrical work. We’ve compiled some safety tips recommended by the National Fire Protection Association so you can stay safe in your home.

Tamper Resistant Receptacles
If you have a house full of kids, there’s a chance at one point they’ve touched something they weren’t supposed to. To keep your children’s curiosity a safe distance from harm, make sure all your electrical outlets have tamper resistant receptacles. If kids stick something into an outlet, like a paperclip, the springs in the outlet won’t go off and shock them.

Check for Stripped Wire
The rubber coating on the cord to your lamp is there to neutralize other conductors of electricity. If water or another piece of metal clung on to a stripped wire, you could be in for some troubles – possibly even a house fire. Make a point to check for any exposed wires and replace them before anyone else gets a chance to use it.

Always Call the Electrician
We are a culture of Do-It-Yourselfers now, thanks to the Internet, but we have professionals to take care of electrical issues for a reason. If you feel like any of your outlets, plugs or switches are hot to the touch or are experiencing blown fuses frequently, call up the pros. It’s one of those situations where it’s just better to have someone with the right equipment and tools.