How to Repair a Fence -
How to Repair a Fence

Fences are a staple in most backyards, but wind, rain and time can wear down this gatekeeper. If you’re going to have to do a few repairs to your fence, here are solutions to help you get it done.

Chain-link fences are generally made of coated steel-wire. They’re not as sturdy as a 6-foot tall wood fence and are susceptible to curling up at the base. If the posts get loose, you can repair it in a day by digging up the dirt surrounding the post and filling it up with some cement. If the mesh is the part giving you problems, you’ll need to go to the closest hardware store to purchase new wire links.

That wood fence you had installed are usually pretty hearty, but after a few years outside in the elements it may need a bit of a facelift. If boards or posts are corroded, you’ll need to hammer in replacements. When replacing wooden posts, make sure you weather it with some sealant, as that will result in fewer makeovers over the years. If your pets have been vigorously working at digging an escape route, you can line the bottom of your fence with some chicken wire on the inside.

This fence material is great in regards to withstanding the weather — it doesn’t rust like metal and it doesn’t warp with rain. They aren’t as resilient when it comes to falling branches or rowdy neighbors. If your fence has a crack, you can fix it up without buying large hardware at the store. Clean up the side that’s cracked, use sandpaper to smooth out the hole and fill it up with expanding foam. After the foam settles, you can saw off the excess, sand it down and clean it up.