Cool Down Your Home Naturally –
Cool Down Your Home Naturally

Seeing those summer electricity bills roll in is the last thing we want during our relaxing summer days. But there are ways to trim down on that expense without breaking a sweat. Here are a few ways to cool down your home naturally.

Pull down the shades. If you’ve ever taken a magnifying glass to an ant hill on a sunny day, it should be pretty easy to enlarge that image and apply it to your home. The windows to your house act as that evil magnifying glass, frying the inside with scorching sun rays. Placing some blinds or curtains over your windows can significantly cool down your home at a much quicker pace.

Keep appliance usage to a minimum. Your dishwasher, dryer, stove, microwave all have one thing in common — when they’re on, they generate heat. The less you use these secondhand heat generators, the cooler your home will be. It’s unrealistic to quit all of these appliances cold turkey, but doing small things like letting your clothes to air dry outside can make a huge difference.

Crack the windows at night. The temperature is always at its lowest during the night time — sometimes the summer will go as long as 50 degrees. Take advantage of those nights and let the cool air in. No fans or A/C are required.