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Tackle Those Mountains of Paperwork

Paperwork, coupons, flyers. These random pieces of paper that we tend to toss on the countertop can really add up to a giant mess. Rather than assigning them to that one, overflowing drawer in your kitchen or home office, why not come up with a great way to organize them. You might even find these saved materials helpful one day.

When it comes to loose coupons or deal notices, binders with plastic inserts are a great way to get started. You may have seen this tactic utilized by the couponing pros on television, but there is some sense to be made out of it. Binders tend to take up less space than a file cabinet and ensure that your coupons don’t get ripped up or crumbled into a useless pile. Grouping your coupons by store is an extra step you can take to know where the coupon is when you need it.

If paperwork for taxes, work or school is getting to be overbearing, buying a few different color folders and stacking them in a file cabinet can make all the difference. Color coordinating your files will help you differentiate your stuff with just a glance and help you continue to keep all your things organized and efficient. You can find a portable file holder at any home supply or office store for relatively cheap. These come equipped with tabbed separators if you need to transport your files to and from work.

Organization can be a hassle, but just try it for a few minutes each day. You’ll be surprised!