Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen -
Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen

Just because your kitchen lacks unlimited storage or endless counters, doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream space. If your kitchen is a bit tight, follow these tips to transform it into something you can brag about.

First, think about expand your counter space with a moveable island countertop. Furniture and home goods stores now sell these small pieces in a wide range of shapes, sizes and price ranges. Islands are duly beneficial as they often include additional storage along with the added workspace.

Next, if your kitchen has minimal storage space, look to the ceiling and walls. Racks are available that hang from the ceiling or above the stove to store pots and pans or glassware. You can also try adding shelves and storing appliances that you don’t use very often on top of the cabinets and refrigerator.

Remember that just because you use items in the kitchen doesn’t mean they need to be stored there. Stash your glassware in a bar; there are many inexpensive bars and bar carts available. Store your dishes in a banquet or a repurposed dresser in the family room. Moving these items outside the traditional area will free up storage space for kitchen-only items, like food and pots.