Summer Deck Maintenance -
Summer Deck Maintenance

Now that you’re able to get outside and truly enjoy your deck, remember that all of that extra use is going to require some extra TLC.

Try to give your space a good scrub down a few times this summer. Cleaning your deck will prevent permanent damage from the elements and keep it looking nice. You can avoid harsh substances and rent a good power washer. You’ll also need to trim back the surrounding foliage and remove any spills immediately to avoid discoloration.

Keep an eye out for any rogue nails or weak spots as wood can warp in harsh conditions. You’ll also want to put a fresh coat of paint or stain on the area, paying close attention to any railings and stairs so as not to miss the area.

Depending on how close to the ground your deck is laid, you may have to weed in between the wood slats. This can be quite difficult, so think about appropriate weed killers and any preventative care you can do to stop these nuisances from popping up.

Lastly, be sure to uncover and refresh any patio furniture so it can be clean and ready for use all summer long.