Find Your Kitchen’s Color Scheme -
Find Your Kitchen’s Color Scheme

New season, new color! If you’re looking to revive your kitchen for the summer season, try a splash of color and a trip to your local home store. Something as simple as different colored seat cushions or placemats can completely transform a room.

Pick a Palette
Picking colors can be tricky, especially for those who are averse to change. When choosing a color scheme, it’s important to work with a shade that already exists in the room. If you have wood flooring and cream colored cabinets, you can go in many directions. If you’re looking for a more conspicuous palette, you can get adventurous with colors like teal, navy and gray.

Beyond Your Four Walls
Picking a color scheme is not limited to the color of your walls. In the kitchen, it is easy to accessorize on the cheap. Embellished utensils, animal print place settings, coral napkins or even bright fruits can add to any kitchen. Indoor plants and fresh flowers can also brighten a room and add an unexpected pop of color.

Space and Lighting
Space and light can also be important aspects of color in the kitchen. In a bright, room with tons of windows, brighter colors are less overwhelming and less likely to look tacky. A room with a lot of artificial light is usually more complementary to darker tones with a single bright accent color. A quick change in furniture to open up the room for more space and add a bright accent color can make your kitchen look completely redone.