How to Clean a Stove Top -
How to Clean a Stove Top

The blackened, crusty food that insists on garnishing your stovetop is not something you want to have to keep scrubbing away at – especially since it doesn’t work half the time anyway!

An obvious way to keep the stovetops clean would be to clean up your mess before the food has time to set in. Sometimes that is not possible, but there are a few quick and easy ways you can break through.

One good way to clean off your stovetop without tearing out your bicep muscles is to create a mixture of baking soda, salt and water. It is less expensive than the bottles of cleaning product at the grocery store and leaves your stove clean for the next cook. Use a scratch free sponge with a rougher side to ensure all of the little chunks of food are scraped off.

If you feel like going out and spending a little extra money, purchase some lemon-scented Soft Scrub and spray it on the stovetop. Let the mixture sit for fifteen minutes before you scrub. Any cleaner with some citrus in it’s mix tends to be a good combatant to the pesky grease stains.

The more frequently you clean your stovetop, the easier it will be to remove all of the leftovers and ensure that the extra food stays far away from your Sunday dinner.