Keep the Bugs Out

There’s nothing is worse than walking into a kitchen filled with ants or waking up to a centipede on your bedroom floor. While bugs are certainly part of the circle of life, you do not want them spending their life in your home.

Bug sprays and powders may be the quickest and easiest solutions, but unfortunately they aren’t the healthiest way to keep unwanted insects from entering your home. Instead, try these preventative (and harm free!) approaches to keep the bugs out.

  • Trees and shrubs give insects a direct path into your home. Be sure to trim them back and away from windows and your foundation.
  • Seal all of the cracks in your home’s foundation and walls with caulk, and install door sweeps to exterior doors so bugs cannot sneak into the kitchen, basement or any other room.

  • Install and replace your window screens. Use the finest mesh screens available to prevent even the smallest insects from getting through.

  • Insects gather, breed and feed on the debris in both your home and lawn. Make your home and yard unappealing to bugs by clearing the clutter regularly. Specific items to focus on are food debris and pet waste, in and out of the house, and the areas around your trash and recycling bins.