How to Create a Container Garden -
How to Create a Container Garden

How can you keep the pests away and create a more controlled environment for your plants? Try a container garden! These handy creations are a great way to save space and still enjoy your own fresh grown vegetables, herbs and flowers. Here are some steps to help you get started.

Choosing the Container
The most essential part of any container garden is picking up the right containers. While you probably have opinions on color and design, make sure your choice has proper drainage holes. If not, you can create those by putting a hole in the container and covering it up with little pieces of window screening. That keeps the soil in and the excess water out.

Basic Care
Soil, water, food, light, temperature and grooming are all elements you need to take into consideration to keep your container garden healthy. Remember that since it’s filled with earthworms to fertilize your soil, diluted plant food is a must to keep your blooms healthy.

Choose the plants to complete your garden wisley. There are dozens of varieties of annual and perennial flowers that flourish in container gardens. Just go to your local hardware store or plant nursery, and someone should be able to help you choose. If you’re interested in vegetables or herbs, remember that tomatoes, rosemary and basil work well as they are small.