Touch Up Your Fence -
Touch Up Your Fence

Fence maintenance is essential for keeping your yard new and fresh. While you could always take the Tom Sawyer approach and let the neighborhood boys have at it, here are some practical steps you can take yourself.

Wood Preservative
If you’ve noticed that the wood in your fence is rotting, replacing that wood is going to play a huge part in salvaging the entire thing. Dousing the fence in wood preservative will keep the fence rot from spreading and cut down on the time you spend getting splinters in your hand! You don’t need to dismantle the entire fence if only one part is rotting out.

Sealing off the wood before you put it up will be a lot easier than painting it when it’s mounted. This allows you to paint all four sides, limiting the amount of rotting that can spread to spots that are not sealed away from moisture. If there are parts already standing up that need to be sealed, you can use caulk to seal off the areas where your paintbrush won’t fit.

If you’re looking to add a little color to your fence, make sure that you let the primer coat dry before you start adding the coats of paint. Unsettled primer is going to make for an unsettled paint job.

Avoid Extreme Heat
When tending to your fence, be sure that you choose a time of day that keeps you out of the direct heat. Direct sunlight will paint your body in some serious sunburn, but it will also make the paint dry too fast. If the paint dries too fast, it won’t settle properly, and you’ll be in for more fence maintenance down the road.