Is Your Driveway Ready for Summer? -
Is Your Driveway Ready for Summer?

This winter has been tough on all surfaces, and you might be facing cracked pavement and stained surfaces. Here are a few helpful tips to get your driveway ready for warm-weather traffic.

Fix those Cracks
First and foremost, make sure the crack is clean and free of all debris and plant life using a wire brush and canned air. Use a screwdriver to knock out any and all loose pieces of concrete or asphalt. For a concrete driveway, use a caulk gun to apply concrete sealant to the crack. For an asphalt driveway, use a driveway specific asphalt filler in a similar fashion. Use a putty knife to smooth the filler so that it is even with the rest of the surface. Allow the filler to sit undistrubed for three days, as it is important that it sets permanently.

Clean those Stains
Depending on the stain, driveway blemishes can be removed in a number of ways. Kitty litter and the Original Blue Dawn dishwashing soap are the two most efficient solutions for removing oil stains. First, the kitty litter is used to soak up excess gasoline or motor oil, and then Original Blue Dawn dishwashing soap and warm water is used to safely scrub away any remnants.

Pour-N-Restore Stain Remover can also work on driveway stains. Simply pour the solution on the spot, let it dry, then use a brush to brush away the excess powder. Furthermore, many rust and stain remover products are great for removing common rust stains on most driveways and walkways after an extended, harsh winter.