Give Your Washer and Dryer Some TLC -
Give Your Washer and Dryer Some TLC

When was the last time you gave your washer and dryer a good, thorough cleaning? Cleaning your dryer ducts prevents common household fires. You’ll also want to make sure you eliminate any bacteria, soap scum and mineral deposits that can be harmful to the machines. If you don’t know the first thing about how to spruce up your washer and dryer, don’t worry! Check out the tips below.

Clean Your Dryer Ducts
First and most importantly, unplug the dryer and turn off the gas if you have a gas dryer. Remove the lint trap and all lint from the screen. Using a brush, bend the brush and clean inside the lint trap. Follow this up by using a vacuum to suck up any excess lint or dirt loosened by the brush.

Next, pull the dryer out from the wall and disconnect the exhaust duct tube from the wall and the dryer. Slide the exhaust tube off of the dryer and the hole in the wall. Use the vacuum to clean out both the dryer and hole in the wall. Then, use the vacuum to clean out the dryer exhaust tube. Also, know that you can always replace the tube altogether. While the dryer is moved out from the wall, be sure to vacuum off the back of the dryer, the washer, and the wall behind both. Reassemble the parts, reposition the dryer and plug the machine back in when finished.

Cleaning Your Washing Machine
Fill the machine with hot water and add one quart of chlorine bleach. Let the machine agitate for about a minute, then stop the machine and lett it sit for one hour. After one hour, restart the cycle, running it through the longest wash and spin cycle. Immediately after, repeat the above steps, but instead using one quart of distilled white vinegar. If your machine has built-in dispensers, be sure to clean those too. Warm one cup of white vinegar in the microwave and pour it into the dispensers. Allow it to sit for a few minutes to loosen any build up, and then wipe each dispenser thoroughly.