How to Fake a Clean House

If you have unexpected company coming over and you need to have a presentable house in a hurry, than this is the guide for you. Don’t stress! Your visitors are not going to take a white glove to your home; they are only going to see the living room, the kitchen and a designated bathroom. So close all of the other doors in your home, and tackle what’s important.

Living Room
Begin by dusting with a microfiber towel or a clean rag. Put accent pieces in place as you go across the room. Also, be sure to dust the TV screen. Fluff throw pillows and cushions, picking up clumps of pet hair or dust bunnies as you go. Arrange books and magazines in tidy stacks on the end tables and arrange drapes to appear orderly.

The biggest tell tale sign of a dirty house are dishes in the sink. Unless your family is sitting down to eat at the moment your company arrives, there should be no dirty dishes in the sink. Move any dirty dishes into the dishwasher and begin a cycle. Put any clean, dry dishes in their place. Use a disinfecting wipe to clean the empty sink tubs and the faucet. Also wipe down the stove and tidy the top of the fridge.

There’s nothing a little bleach and basic bathroom cleaner can’t do for a bathroom. First, pour a cupful of bleach into the toilet. Clean the rim and sides of the bowl. If you can see buildup on the base, then take a wipe to it as well. Use a new wipe to clean the sink, focus on the faucets, countertops and mirrors. You want to remove any water marks or stains. If you do not have wipes, then an even mix of distilled white vinegar and water will get the job done. Shake out the bathmat and flush the toilet to finish the job.

Pick up any loose laundry, vacuum if you have time and don’t forget to fix your hair!