Area Rug Rules

Area rugs can be a great addition to a room. They’re usually much more colorful than carpet and feature fun patterns. Plus, there’s no hassle with laying tackboards, banging your knees with kickers or stretching the carpet. Just empty the room, unfurl and rearrange the furniture.

Follow these rules for the best plan for laying out your furniture for the dimensions of your room and the space that your furniture occupies.

Large Rooms
A room with all furniture legs on the area rug is a room in unison. This arrangement makes the furniture feel like it belongs together. This is a great rule for larger rooms. Regardless of what is going on elsewhere in a large space, when you step on the area rug, you will know you have walked into a gathering spot.

Small Rug
If you fall in love with a smaller area rug, use the legs off rule. Arrange furniture along the edges of your new rug. This makes your purchase stand out, and can also be an excellent way to introduce new colors.

Accent Colors
If the area rug in question is too small to hold all of the furniture, but too large to follow the legs off rule, then set the front legs on the area rug and let the back legs sit on the floor. When using this rule, you want the carpet to incorporate colors of furniture and accessories.

Finally, center your rug around the main attraction. If the whole room is on display, such as in a sitting room, then lay the rug in the center with equal inches of exposed floor on either side. If in a bedroom, then center the rug under the bed or at the footboard.