Unique Kitchen Seating

Who said kitchen seating had to be Windsor back pine wood chairs? Kick conventional out the window and embrace a new fashion. Add some flair and make your kitchen interesting with unique seating.

Bench Seating
If you love the bench seats at your favorite diner, then bring them home! Bench seats fit perfectly in a nook or against a long kitchen wall. A heavily padded leather-backed bench is always comfortable and looks great. If leather isn’t your style, use a colorfully padded seat over a finely crafted wood bench. Juxtapose the bench with two chairs or a padded window bench.

Kitchen Island Seating
Islands are excellent for their multiple uses. They’re a natural gathering place for company and make excellent dining areas. An area as unique and diverse as a kitchen island deserves intriguing seating. Pair marble islands with padded aluminum bar seats. For a really sharp look, contrast a black marble or stainless steel island with glass-seat barstools.

Leather Seating
Leather seats are for more than just the sitting room. Couple classic leather chairs with a low table for a prestigious atmosphere. Enhance the setting with a long sofa that stretches across the length of the table or a bench of a similar length, to blur the lines between your living spaces.

Upholstered Chairs
Upholstered seating can give the kitchen a profound look of elegance. No other style combines comfort, utility and fashion as well as upholstery. Try a glossy cherry backed chair coupled with a bright white print. For a splash of fun, mix vibrant chairs around a circular table. Coordinate with a throw rug to bring your colors together.