Inspect Your Home for Water Accumulation -
Inspect Your Home for Water Accumulation

Water is the universal resource of life, but it can also be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. When water accumulates in unwanted areas of the home, it can lead to all sorts of disaster. Although natural sloping of the land makes it difficult to avoid water accumulation altogether, it’s important to know the common signs of water buildup and the places you should check regularly for excess water.

Although your gutters will drain off most rainwater, you still want to assure that there are no leaks that may allow water to seep into your home. Check flat areas of your roof often to assure that there is no standing water, especially after a heavy rainstorm. In the winter, remove as much snow from the roof as possible in order to prevent a large amount of leakage into your home when the heavy snow melts.

Crawl Space
This is a common area for dampness, especially because water has a hard time evaporating in such a confined space. If you have an issue with water in your crawl space, you can hire a service to come check it out and see if they can dry it out.

Windows and Door Frames
Check window and door frames often to assure that they are properly sealed. Caulking may often become cracked or deteriorated and will allow unwanted water and moisture into the home, especially in humid or rainy places.

If you notice bubbling in your wallpaper or rippling in your paint, it may be a sign of water. This can be a result of a leaky roof or another source of water seeping into your walls. Find the source immediately so you can intervene before mold starts to grow.