Awaken Your Home with Spring Colors -
Awaken Your Home with Spring Colors

Since spring seems to be slow to arrive this year, it’s time to take the change of seasons into our own hands. Transitioning from the dark, drab colors of winter to spring pastels and brights will make it feel like spring has arrived, even if your local forecast is still calling for freezing temps and snow.

Pantone is the go-to authority on all things color. Some of their picks for hot colors for spring 2014 include both bright and pastel purple and blue (radiant orchid and violet tulip; dazzling blue and placid blue), orange-red (cayenne) and a pastel green (hemlock). These colors can easily be integrated into decor to give your home a spring wake-up.

To begin your re-color project, start from the ground up. There’s no need for thick, dark winter rugs as the temperatures increase. Try a lighter rug in one of the hot spring colors, like dazzling blue, which is still dark enough not to show too much dirt and will serve as a statement piece in your home.

Cushions and pillows are easy items to swap out to give your home a little spring refresh. Try adding accent pillows and chair covers in a variety of spring colors to give your home a fresh modern feel. One of the great things about this spring’s hot colors is they all look great together, so no need to worry about mixing and matching.

Additional hot colors for spring 2014 include rich yellow (freesia), bright orange (celosia orange), tan (sand) and pale gray (paloma).