Treat your Bathroom to a Spa Experience -
Treat your Bathroom to a Spa Experience

We all deserve a little rest and relaxation after a long day. If your schedule or wallet doesn’t allow you to head to a spa for some rejuvenation, you can revitalize yourself in the comfort of your own home. Here are several ways to make your bathroom more spa-like so you can properly set the mood, and restore yourself both mentally and physically!

The first step to making your bathroom more spa-like is to install the proper lighting.  Adding dimmers to your bathroom will allow you to lower the lighting to set the scene for a completely relaxing experience.

Scatter some plants throughout the bathroom to create a fresh, natural atmosphere. Not only does this simulate the experience of a real spa, but it will keep the bathroom full of oxygen and good smells.

Remove all unnecessary items from visible surfaces and countertops. These products can be a distraction to your relaxing experience, so it is best to keep them inside cabinets. Be sure to also tidy up laundry that may be sitting on the floor and place it in respective laundry hampers.

Nothing says serenity better than a series of scented candles. These can be used in place of or in addition to dim lighting to keep the vibe Zen and the mood calm and warm. Scents such as lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus are some spa favorites due to their invigorating aroma and restorative powers.

Treat yourself to a fluffy white robe and pair of slippers. These are spa staples because they are comfortable and distraction free, bringing you back to your place of happiness. Add some calming music or natural sounds to your experience to invigorate all of your senses for a well-rounded spa experience.