Beautify Your Home Office

The home office is a place for early morning coffee, a hideaway when your home is a madhouse or where you go to get things done. To execute excellent work, you need a space that is free of clutter and full of beauty.

Minimize and Miniaturize
If you’re low on square footage, minimizing and miniaturizing become especially important. Very few people enjoy working around stacks of papers, laptops and other miscellaneous office items. Regardless of your home office size, removing clutter will promote efficiency and happiness while at work. File necessary paperwork, digitize what you do not need hard copies of and organize what is left.

Original Art
Every home office needs a taste of inspiration. It’s not always easy to be a self-starter, and work loads can become insufferable. An inspiring work of art can be just the thing to rejuvenate your entrepreneurial spirit. That, and a quick walk to the coffee maker for just one more cup.

Bright Colors
Bright colors are inspiring colors. A home office, while professional, should also be cheery. Trade in the dark paneling for light blues, shades of yellow, and warm greens. You’ll naturally feel happier while you work, and your office space will feel larger than what it actually is.

Make your home office a space that you love, and “going to work” will be less of a chore and more of an opportunity.