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Spring Design Trends

New seasons bring new colors and new decorating trends. Spring is the perfect time to clean and make old rooms fresh with new paint and decor. When you stylize your home for spring, don’t worry about all colors matching perfectly. Accent bold colors with the lighter colors of spring or visa-versa. Make your house the hottest on the block with these design trends.

Radiant Orchid
Pantone, the authority on trending colors, has declared radiant orchid to be the color of 2014. For the men out there, radiant orchid is not to be confused with purple, although you may find it to closely resemble the shade. Radiant orchid is a wonderful color to incorporate into your home designs. It’s bold yet sweet, and it’s the color of valor and loyalty.

Spring is also big on blues. Soft shades of sky blue and deeper blends of royal blue paired with cayenne and sand colors are very in this year. Use these soft colors to accent a bathroom or bedroom to create a pleasant and relaxing mood.

Also big this spring is violet tulip, along with hemlock and freesia. Another trend that has come back around is to contrast the ceiling with the walls. Use a lighter color like sand that carries light to create the illusion of a more radiant and taller ceiling.

Out-of-the-Box Colors
The color paloma, which you may be tempted to call paloma warm grey, and celosia orange are the final colors for this spring. In a busy room, touches of paloma can offer a little peace to the homeowner, while celosia orange offers a unique accent.

Many of these colors – cayenne, violet tulip, hemlock and freesia – can be found naturally in spring. By incorporating these colors into your home, you bring a touch of the natural world inside. Experiment with these new colors, and you will have decor the family will really spring this year.