Successfully Rearrange Your Furniture -
Successfully Rearrange Your Furniture

Getting tired of your current furniture layout? Rearrange the room for a fresh, welcoming feel. Utilize the furniture you already have to keep costs down, and restore the furniture you once loved. Here are a few steps to follow to guarantee efficient and successful rearranging.

Start From Scratch
In order to visualize a new layout, it is best to clear the room of all furniture and miscellaneous items. This will help you piece the room back together little by little without the distraction of the old order.

Establish the Focal Point
Before you draw up a new floor plan, establish the focal point of the room. This is the defining element of the room where most attention will be given. For example, in a living room, it may be a fireplace or a piece of art. In a family room, the focal point may be the television. Regardless of what this point may be, you will want to arrange your room around it.

Consider the Usage of the Room
Identify traffic patterns to avoid creating obstacles for those passing through. Be aware of entryways and place furniture at a proper distance away. If the room is to be used for intimate gatherings, place furniture closer together for a warmer feel. For a larger more open ambiance, use less furniture and space pieces further apart.

Work Bigger to Smaller
When you ultimately decide on an arrangement, start filling the room with the largest pieces of furniture first. This will allow you to play around with main items, such as a sofa or a bed, and fill in smaller pieces from there. Items like these, end tables for example, should compliment the main pieces. If you find that a certain piece is not working in the new arrangement, there is a chance it no longer belongs in the room.