Decorate with Picture Frames -
Decorate with Picture Frames

Do you like your decor to multitask? Picture frames are a fun way to decorate, share favorite moments and express yourself through wall art. The best thing about picture frames is that they can look great in any room. Frames can hold photographs, sweet messages or nothing at all.

Try decorating your home with some of the ideas below.

Favorite Moments
Traditionally, frames have held a family’s best photographs. Picture frames themselves, however, can be anything but traditional. Think beyond rectangles and ovals. Frames can be purchased in fun wiggly-squiggly patterns, bright colors and unique materials. With the dawn of 3D printing, you will even be able to make your own stylized picture frames. Mix your favorite memories with a small canvas featuring art or a cherished quote. Commission a painting on the living room wall to create a unique background for your photographs.

Message In a Frame
While on the subject of commissions, you can order custom frames that display your family name, words of love or single letters. Mix frames with 3D letters to create sentimental words. You can print “Love” above your bed or display your child’s nickname above the dresser.

Nothing But the Frame
Who would have ever thought that picture frames could be a decoration in and of themselves? Apparently, very imaginative and crafty people. Picture frames alone can make fascinating displays. You can create captivating wall art by mixing and matching various styles and colors. Mix antique beach wood frames with bold victorian frames, or whites with reds or yellows. Play with the arrangement. Mix oval frames with rectangular frames until you have created something you and your guests will be inspired by.

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