Refresh Your Staircase -
Refresh Your Staircase

When creating the design theme for your home, don’t forget to include your staircase. What is typically a small space allows you to explore different ideas and take risks that you wouldn’t normally take in larger rooms. If your staircase is lacking character, consider these suggestions for a new expression.

If you are feeling nervous about refreshing your staircase, begin with the railing. Make your railing pop with glossy interior paint. Using bold or bright colors will draw the eye up the railing, as well as accent the adjoining space. By starting your makeover at the railing, you will get an idea of how powerful your staircase design can become.

Stenciling is a fantastic way to decorate the staircase. You can find stenciling patterns online or at your local home goods stores. If the risers are old, you can apply the stencil to new risers that are cut to fit over the old. Check to see what pattern best speaks to your family’s character.

Another unique way to refresh your staircase is to slowly shade the color of your riser as the stairs ascend. Begin with a darker shade at the bottom, and slowly fade the color as you reach the top. This gives a neat visual effect that will leave your company gazing in admiration for your craftiness.

If the wood of your treads and risers is old, worn or of poor quality and you do not want to spend the time and money on replacing the wood, then use carpet runners. Sand the wood, prime and paint it your desired color. Find matching runners anywhere carpet is sold, from your local discount home store to target. Apply the runner down the center of your stairs and voila! Your staircase will be better than ever.