Get On Track to Sell in 2014 -
Get On Track to Sell in 2014

The real estate market is gearing up for what many agree will be a very strong, very busy spring season. Brokers are already working with a record number of buyers, shorter market times and a consistently low inventory of homes for sale, creating very favorable conditions for today’s sellers.

If you would like to get on track to sell your home in 2014, here are a few helpful steps you can take now to yield big returns later.

Make Your Home Showing-Ready
Now is the time to look at your home through a critical eye. In addition to the usual cleaning and touch-ups, really assess what work needs to be done. Refinishing wood floors and replacing carpeting are great updates to make. Once the essentials have been taken care of, think about working with a home stager. It’s important to remember that the way you live in your home may be different from how you can successfully showcase it to buyers.

Inspect Major Mechanicals
Once the aesthetics have been addressed, be sure to have major mechanical items inspected and serviced by the appropriate professional. Information about the foundation, roof, major mechanicals appliances and general condition will help to eliminate any possible objections a buyer may have. (Just remember that once you are aware of material defects in the house, Illinois law requires you to disclose them to potential buyers if you don’t have them repaired.)

Understand Your Local Market
The real estate market has changed drastically in recent years, making it crucial to understand the state of your hyperlocal area. A comparative market analysis (CMA) prepared by a licensed REALTOR will provide invaluable information about how homes in your area are selling and for what price. You can then use this information to establish a competitive price point to ensure your home sale process runs smoothly and successfully.