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Home Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Every home needs cleaning supplies to keep a residence clean and healthy. While there are hundreds of products to choose from, here is a list of the essentials every home should have on hand.

Every household needs a little bleach to keep white laundry shiny and bright, sanitizing humidifiers or for deep cleaning in the kitchen. Be careful, though, because bleach is powerful and can stain or damage certain household items.

Dust Polish
Dusting may be everyone’s least favorite chore, but a little polish will make your dusting experience much easier. A good polish will keep the dust from clinging to your rag or feather duster and leave behind a smooth, clean surface.

Dishwashing Liquid
One of the most used cleaners in a home is dishwashing liquid. For something used this often, spend the extra dollar for a quality product that’s easy on the environment and your hands.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is not often thought about as a cleaner, but it has many uses. When not in use, keep the slightly opened box in your refrigerator to eliminate odors.

Laundry Soap
Some people prefer powder soap while others prefer liquid detergent. Regardless, for the sake of your family’s clothes, you will definitely want to keep a box or a bottle within arms length of the washing machine.

Sanitizing Wipes
Sanitizing wipes are possibly the most versatile cleaning product available. They clean multiple surfaces quickly and easily. They’re great for cleaning bathrooms as well.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Because who would not love a product that makes the toilet easier to clean? Less time spent in front of a toilet is better time spent.

Vinegar is like baking soda. It has multiple uses, making it a must-have cleaning supply. It can do everything from cleaning crud on your shower head to expelling musty smells from carpets and upholstery.