Keep Stainless Steel Looking Clean -
Keep Stainless Steel Looking Clean

Stainless steel is a modern marvel for its ability to resist oxidation, meaning it won’t rust. It also has the added ability to be sterilized to a doctor’s standard of cleanliness. For all of stainless steel’s wonderful properties, it can collect a lot of smudges and other debris. Not to worry, keeping stainless steel clean and looking as good as new will not break your wallet. You just need a few household products.

When choosing your tools, remember not to use any abrasive surface to clean your stainless steel products, like steel wool, scrub pads or dirty towels. These items will scratch the surface and damage the finish. Repairing a scratched stainless steel surface is time consuming, tedious, and would require another blog post.

When you clean stainless steel, go along the grain. Cleaning against the grain is equivalent to trying to swim upstream in a river’s heavy current. You can really damage the finish and cause undue scratches on your expensive surfaces.

To clean stainless steel you can purchase a product specifically made for the job. However, you can keep stainless steel clean with a damp clean towel, a dry towel, a little dishwashing liquid, olive oil and a couple paper towels.

First, apply a clean, damp, and soapy towel to the surface of your stainless steel appliance. Remember to clean along the grain. Next, rinse your towel to remove all soap. Wring the towel to remove excess water and wipe the appliance one more time. Buff the surface with the dry clean towel. This should be enough for regular maintenance.

However, if there are still some streaks or a stubborn spot that will not come clean, pour olive oil over two paper towels that have been folded over each other. Don’t be stingy with the oil. For a large appliance you will need enough oil to cover the surface of a quarter or half-dollar. Apply the oil coated paper towel to the stainless steel surface. Remove the excess oil with a clean paper towel. Work the surface for several minutes to achieve a clean finish.

Do this once a week and your stainless steel will look great for a lifetime.