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Want Your Vegetables to Grow? Follow This Guide!

Spring will be in full swing in just a few short months. Have your past vegetable gardens not quite produced the bounty you had hoped? Follow these tips, and this year it will meet your expectations!

Focus on Space
Corn, beans and cucumbers love to chew up space – and they are also harder to care for. If you are a newer gardener or just want to keep gardening as a hobby, then plant vegetables similar to radishes, beets and carrots.

Pick the Perfect Spot
Most vegetables need six to eight hours of direct sun exposure. They can live without that much, but it will harm their yield. If you can plant your garden in a moist area, then do so. If you have an area of your yard that is rich in compost or peat moss, that is a prime spot for your garden.

Create Raised Beds
Raised beds are a great way to make efficient use of space. By building up these beds with organically rich soil, you can ensure all of your plants will have access to the sun. You can also ease some frustration by creating set rows for you to walk through.

Plant Vegetables that Like to be Together
Good combos include corn, squash and beans, because the corn stalks support the beans, while squash grows below and shades out weeds. Other combos you might use include onions, tomatoes and basil or beets and celery or carrots, radishes and onions.

Okay, so maybe you are not an expert after reading this single article, but you’re definitely off to a good start! Here’s to a high-yield and low effort growing season.