Find More Space in Your Laundry Room -
Find More Space in Your Laundry Room

You can pack a lot of domestic essentials into a small laundry room with a little creativity and a touch of ingenuity. If your laundry room is feeling cramped for space lately, try some of these suggestions below.

Work with Your Appliances
The largest items in a laundry room are obviously your washer and dryer. You’ll be able to organize and save space by structuring the room around these appliances. Try stacking your washer and dryer on top of one another using a stack kit or hiding them under counter space. This tucks away the heavy appliances, and frees up room for you to fold and iron laundry. If you have front loading washer and dryers, you can most likely purchase storage drawers for below, allowing you to utilize even more space in your small laundry room.

Use the Walls
Walls can be used for more than just cabinet space. If you find that you iron often, install a drop down ironing board and cordless iron into the wall. You could even set up a complimentary telescoping hanger to temporarily hang your wrinkle free clothes.

Include Bright Colors
Paint your laundry room in light, bright colors. The chores accomplished in your small space will not feel quite so tedious, and your laundry room will actually feel a little larger. Follow suit with a few decorations. Hang an inspiring photo or wall art on an empty wall, and place a bright accent piece atop the cabinets or countertop. Use color coordinated baskets to help organize laundry room tools, while at the same time adding a flare of decor.

Just because it is a laundry room doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality shine through!