Rekindling Your Love for Valentine’s Day -
Rekindling Your Love for Valentine’s Day

Whether your Valentine’s Day is spent with a significant other, friends or family, it’s a day to celebrate the ones you love. The day is often associated with flowers, chocolate and dinner at a romantic restaurant, but here are some ideas to break away from the Valentine’s Day mold and make your celebration a memorable one.

Take a Class
No matter who you are celebrating with this year, a class is a great way to learn new things and have fun; it’s also quality time spent with whomever you share it with. A cooking class allows you to still enjoy a special meal and a glass of wine outside the typical dinner setting. If an art class is more for you, you’ll get a great piece to remember the night by. Whatever you choose, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to push you and your loved ones outside of your comfort zone.

Make a Meal
Reservations at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day are often tough to get and have to be made weeks in advance. Making dinner at home avoids the battle for reservations, and it’s a good option when you’re on a budget. If you’re celebrating with a significant other, try a romantic meal of their favorite food paired with wine and candle light. If you’re having an evening with friends or family, try a fun themed potluck where everyone is challenged to bring a love-, red- or pink-themed dish.

Have a Party
What better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than with everyone you love? Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get everyone together and have a party. Ask every guest to bring a Valentine and have a fun exchange. You can even make fun decorations and drinks while playing all of your favorite love-themed songs. That will surely make this Valentine’s Day memorable.