How to Hang Wall Art -
How to Hang Wall Art

The process of hanging your new wall art can – and should – be as fun as making the original purchase! Once you know your focal point, you have won half of the battle. Even the hardware behind hanging art is not as difficult as some make it out to be. Use the tips below to make your art hanging experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Find the Focal Point
This is the exact, perfect point where you want your wall art to hang. A good rule is to make the focal point five feet from the floor in the center of the wall. If you are hanging on a long wall, then you may chose to hang from the center of a piece of furniture. Begin at the focal point and stretch your art from there, leaving a two inch gap between each frame.

Use the Right Hardware
Hardware for hanging art is specialized and reliable. For most items, a picture-hanging hook is perfect for the job. A standard hook will use one nail that pierces the wall at an angle and should easily hold objects up to 30 pounds. For heavier pictures, consider using a two or three hook just to be safe. Standard and professional picture hooks can be purchased online or at your favorite home improvement store.

Choose D-rings Over Wire
Professionals also recommend hanging your frames by the D-rings on the back of your art work rather than a wire. Using the two D-rings allows you to set the picture level without worrying about it sliding off balance on the pendulum of the wire.

Hang the frames properly the first time, and in future you will only have to spend time admiring your art.