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Spruce Up Your Front Door

A first impression is a lasting impression; your front door is no different. Giving your home’s entrance a regular makeover is a great way to show pride in your property and keep it looking fresh. Let your front door accent the season and showcase your personality with these few tips.

New Coat of Paint
A new coat of paint always does wonders for any part of your home. You can apply a new layer of the same color to give your door new life, or strip, prime and repaint a brand new color.

Refreshing Hardware
Removing the old knobs and upgrading to a new color, style or even material is just enough of an adjustment to give familiar friends a sense that something is new and different. It’s the perfect way to give a fresh impression.

Updated Trim
Adding or improving the trim around your front door can make a huge impression. Think of what great value the trim of a room can offer, and transplant that same idea to your entryway. Carefully crafted trim work can add a sense of art and architectural mastery to your home. Who wouldn’t love coming home to a display of care and perfection everyday?

Seasonal Accents
Take a trip to your local arts and crafts store to find some items that accent the the current season. Try out rustic wreaths and pine cones for winter or maybe some tall green decorative grasses for spring.