Keep Your Heating System Running -
Keep Your Heating System Running

This brutal winter isn’t letting up anytime soon, and you’ll need to give your furnace some TLC to keep it running smoothly. Here are a few routine steps you should be taking to keep your home toasty warm.

Change the Filter
This crucial step unfortunately can be easy to forget. If you have a cold air return furnace you should change the filter on a monthly basis. A high quality filter will keep the air in your home clean and will allow your furnace to breath easily.

Clear the Cold Air Return
Your furnace needs cold air to return to the intake in order to push hot air out of the heating chambers. Keeping the return vent free of obstructions allows the heater to do its job efficiently. An inefficient furnace works harder and could overheat a blower motor.

Test the Thermostat
If your home’s temperature is set at a comfortable temperature but you’re anything but, you may need to check your thermostat. Anything from dirt to an improperly installed cover can become a source of problems.

Remember, even if your furnace seems to be doing just fine, it’s still necessary to have it serviced annually. Consider doing this at the end of the heating season as service will be prompt, and you might even get a discount.