Style Your Coffee Table -
Style Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is your living room’s centerpiece – it’s one of the first pieces of furniture company will notice when walking into your space. Adding style and unique accents will create a strong impression in your most occupied room. So put some love and attention into your coffee table, and make your entire living room pop.

Too many items on a coffee table will de-emphasize your centerpiece by distracting the eyes from the focal point. Remove the knick-knacks, dollies, candles and other odds and ends. Some of these items may return to your table, but starting with a clean slate will increase possibilities.

Display a Collection
Consider making an arrangement on your coffee table from collections of art or other memorabilia. Displaying what you are passionate about is always a great way to decorate a room. Not only will company enjoy your display, you will admire it every time you walk in the room.

Accent with Fabrics
If you have a unique fabric, pull it out of the closet and drape it over your coffee table for a central display. Fabric adds texture and depth to a piece and enhance a sense of dimension. It can also be used to accent a room by pulling out secondary or tertiary colors.

Use a Tray
Another popular way to style a coffee table is by setting a tray on one corner. This adds a layer of decor to your table and can help break a pattern on larger tables. A tray can also serve as a functional tool for when entertaining company.