Grow an Indoor Herb Garden -
Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

Looking for a project to keep you busy this winter? Grow an herb garden in your home to provide a fresh-picked taste to your daily meals. Indoor gardens are relatively low maintenance and require simple care to thrive.

First, choose an area of the house that is both temperate and full of light so that your garden has the best chance to flourish. Below is a list of herbs that are commonly grown indoors and a few suggestions on how to manage them.

Basil is a great herb to have around the house for those favorite Italian dishes. Arrange seeds in a well-soiled pot and place the pot in an area of warmth and sunlight. Sprinkle with water twice a day, and you’ll begin to see tiny sprouts form. Wait until the plant develops larger leaves before you snip and enjoy.

Chives are part of the perennial family and begin as tiny bulbs. They thrive best in direct sunlight and ultimately sprout beautiful pink and lavender flowers. Place about six bulbs in well-drained soil and water each day. When the plant reaches about eight to 10 inches tall, snip about two inches from the soil and use the chives for a variety of dishes.

Rosemary is one of the more difficult herbs to grow inside due to its voracious need for sunlight and tendency to dry up. Begin growing your rosemary from a snippet of another rosemary plant. Place the clipping in a drainable pot so the rosemary can use the water it needs while the rest will drain off. When the plant sprouts leaves, snip them off and use them in whatever recipe you choose. Remember to keep the plant in a well-lit spot, such as a windowsill. Rotate as needed to assure that the plant receives all the sunlight it can get.