Check for Hidden Air Leaks -
Check for Hidden Air Leaks

You may have covered the basics in preventing those icy winter air leaks, but now that winter is here to stay it’s time to do another check. Run through this list to see if there are more ways you can keep the freeze at bay.

  • Check the weather stripping around your door frames to ensure it still fits snugly all the way around the frame.

  • Change your furnace filter to ensure its as efficient as possible.

  • If you feel a draft coming from under your door, place a towel along the bottom to keep air from passing through.

  • Run your ceiling fans in reverse. This will push warm air downward and force it to recirculate to keep you more comfortable.

  • Do a storm door  and window check to make sure they’re still holding up.

  • If you have unused rooms, close them off for the winter. Seal the windows, close the vents and shut the door.

  • Make sure your attic or crawlspace hatches are airtight with weatherstripping.

  • Do a thorough chimney inspection. You don’t want your toasty fireplace giving away your heat.

  • Walk your home, feel for drafts and fill them with caulk.

  • Check your outlets for potential leaks.

While each of these steps may not seem like much, together they can really keep that frost away.