How to Baby Proof Your Home -
How to Baby Proof Your Home

Your sleepy little baby will turn into a very active and curious toddler before you know it. Is your house ready? Baby proofing is a simple concept: take everything your child can reach and raise it three and a half feet high. That may not be very practical, but fear not, millions of parents have kept their babies safe. Use these tips to help you baby proof your home.

Outlet Plugs
Babies love outlets! The fun “thing” in the wall is special and must be taste tested. Buy a box of outlet covers and fill every unused socket. Be wary that your baby may be able to loosen these outlet covers. Also, keep an eye out for cords that are plugged in. Babies love pulling on electrical cords almost as much as outlets!

Drawer Locks
Install locks on any drawers and cabinet doors you don’t want your baby to access. The most crucial cabinets are under sinks where household cleaners are kept and places where fragile items are stored. Some parents choose to leave a Tupperware or towel drawer open for their child’s amusement. Babies have a need to remove and, sometimes, return items in containers. Yes, it means more cleanup duties, but your baby will love throwing towels on the floor, and you will be excited when they learn to put them back!

There are several door locking options: door handle slide and lock systems; hooked tabs that are screwed inside your cabinet doors; and new magnetized locks that are currently selling at roughly $20 for a set of four.

Flat Screens and Entertainment Centers
The stereo system and 52″ flat screen standing on your console can become your biggest and heaviest nightmare. If your equipment can be hung, do it. If it’s not practical to hang the speakers, consider trading them in for Bluetooth units. If other options fail, consider floor or wall mounting anything prone to accidents. Also, some stereos have sharp objects hidden behind the screens. Check your stereos so you can avoid any gashes to your baby’s head or appendages.

A tablecloth is a prime target to be pulled down along with anything on top of it. Be vigilant in keeping your table clear of unnecessary items.

Eventually, your baby will learn what is okay to play with and what is better left untouched. Be as consistent and patient as possible, and don’t be surprised if your angel finds a few things you forgot to proof!