Unconventional Kitchen Decor Ideas

New year, new you! While you may have an itch to redo your entire house, start small by reinventing your kitchen. There are tons of ways for you to break away from those cookie cutter designs and come up with something that truly demonstrates your personality.

Open Shelving 

Open your space and install cabinets that are free of doors or other coverings. Instead of hiding all the tools of the kitchen, put them on display. This can give your kitchen a home-y feel while showing off your fancy dishes and glassware. Bonus: your guests will never have to guess where the coffee cups are located!

Mixed Lighting Fixtures 

Mix and match your lighting hardware to be astounded at what styles can go together with one another. Try a large overhead fixture above the island and small industrial or storefront lights along the counter space and sink. Use your imagination until the perfect arrangement makes your kitchen pop.

Illusion of Buying Over Time 

Create an illusion of having bought your kitchen appliances, tools and decorations over time by embracing multiple colors, styles and themes. It doesn’t have to take ten years to complete your kitchen, but with the right mix of paints, arrangements and decorations, you can make your kitchen feel like it was a decade in the making.

Use Patterns in Unconventional Ways 

A great way to add character to your kitchen is through the use of uniquely arranged patterns. Think chevron stripes and polka dots. An unconventional pattern can be as bold or subtle as you like. It only takes a few features to remind guests that this isn’t your average space.

Mix and Match Cultures 

Can you mix an old French or Normandy feel with modern decor? Yes! Furnishings that are Spanish with Indian flare? Definitely. Why be strictly Colonial when you can experiment with old Eastern European accents? Defy convention by reaching across cultural borders and creating a room that is as active and unique as you.