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Tune Up Your Snow Blower


When a strong winter storm blows through your neighborhood, a thick blanket of snow can cover sidewalks and driveways in a few hours. All that snow leaves you backbreaking shovel work, unless you have a properly maintained snow blower that’s ready to clear your paths.

Tuning a snow blower isn’t any more difficult than taking care of a lawn mower. Just follow these simple steps, and your snow blower will be good to go when winter falls heavy with snow.

Change the Oil
Changing the oil is the most important thing you can do for your snow blower. Fresh oil keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently throughout the winter season. Be sure to use four-stroke oil formulated for cold weather.

Change the Spark Plug
Consult your user manual or the manufacturer’s website for the proper spacing for your plug. Replacing your spark plug annually will ensure a smooth start up every time you need your snow blower.

Check the Air Filter
The air filter should be inspected for excessive dust and debris. If your paper filter looks past its prime, replace it. If it’s a foam filter, clean it with warm soapy water. After the foam filter dries, douse it in oil and return it to its housing.

Prevent Rust
At the end of the season, protect your snow blower with a little spring-cleaning. Clean off any dirt that has accumulated; hit trouble spots with a degreaser. Finally, use sandpaper or a wire brush on any rust spots. Cover rust with a coat of paint to protect your snow blower and keep it in working order for years to come.