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Warm Your Room Through Your Decor

The cold weather season has arrived, which means it is time to winter proof your home. Insulated fireplaces and plastic-wrapped windows will keep heat from escaping your home. Yet, for that added warm finish to make a room appear cozier and more inviting, here are a few simple touches you can make to your space.

The easiest give a room that warm, cozy feel is to introduce layers, textures and colors. Layering accent pillows on your couch in a variety of textures will give off a comforting feel. Textured curtains, plush rugs and light throws are great additions that are almost like a blanket over your entire space.

Varying patterns and colors can change the entire temperature of your design theme. Remember that cool tones like pale blues and yellows will present a chillier feel. Think about incorporating deep reds – oxblood is very popular this season – and rich browns. If you prefer neutrals, warm tans and creams work well.

Decorating with plants and an array of floral accents also help warm up your room’s décor. Smaller potted plants on cabinets or entertainment centers will soften the furniture. Meanwhile, trees or other large plants help to fill up open floor space and make the room cozier. For a finishing touch, incorporate interesting table lamps in a warm finishes combined with soft lighting bulbs.

With these simple touches, you’ll create a warm and welcoming space that offsets the cold weather outside, bringing you comfort throughout the winter season.