Clean and Inspect Your Storm Windows and Doors -
Clean and Inspect Your Storm Windows and Doors

You may have already replaced those summer screens for storm windows and doors, but have you given them a thorough cleaning and inspection? Keep your home bright yet warm throughout the holidays and long days of winter by maintaining these crucial barriers with care and expertise.

If your storm doors and windows are kept in a dry place, then a dust off and quick glass cleaning should do the trick. If your doors and window frames have collected more dirt than dust, use a mild detergent and warm water to get them in new condition.

Depending on the age of your storm doors and windows, the paint can become brittle or marred. This can be taken care of with an easy touch-up job. If you have wood frames and the paint is peeling, strip the old paint and replace it with a new coat of weatherproof primer and two coats of quality exterior paint.

Inspect your storm windows for any cracks and be sure the glass is still sealed tight around the frame. If the seal has been compromised you’ll want to remove the bad sections and replace them with a new bead of caulk. If the frame has become loose, seal it with strong glue and hold the frame together with bar clamps or a winch and strap until fully dry.

Finally, examine the details. Closely inspect the windows and doors to ensure it’s properly functioning. Oil the hinges if they are squeaky or tight. Check the latching mechanism to be sure it works property.

Save money on your heating bill and get those doors and windows in working order and installed before the temperature really drops. Your house will thank you for the effort!