How To Maintain Your Appliances During the Holidays -
How To Maintain Your Appliances During the Holidays

The holidays are an exciting time when the aroma of delicious foods waft in the air. Fortunately for the modern cook, all of that work that once took an entire kitchen staff can now be done with the help of modern appliances. But are your appliances ready to handle all of the extra work? Make sure they are up to the task of making the holidays perfect before that big Thanksgiving trip to the grocery store.


Now is a good time to take inventory of your fridge. Go through the shelves and drawers, taking note of what you have and disposing of anything expired. Also, you’ll have many guests in the next two months, so scrub the condiment drippings off the doors and clean the shelves with diligence. Pull the refrigerator from the wall and vacuum the dust from the coils and lower housing. Go ahead and clean all the dust from the top of your fridge while you’re at it.


Your freezer is likely filled to the brim with deli meat, frozen dinners, that fruitcake from Aunt Marigold and everything else you can fit in it. When you’re loading your freezer with holiday delights, be sure it is still able to ventilate. The compressors in overcrowded freezers can easily overheat, causing your food to defrost. Never a good situation the day before Thanksgiving! Keep your vent clear and use a freezer thermometer to avoid any meltdowns.


You can really put your dishwasher through the ringer with all of the extra dishes this time of year. Appliance experts recommend giving your dishwasher time off for good behavior during the holiday season and go manual. If that is not possible, then be sure to thoroughly rinse each dish before using the dishwasher. Most machines do have a small trash compactor, but they are only meant for small food particles like green beans or peas. A turkey bone or a serving spoon full of stuffing may be enough to warrant a call to your local service company.


Your oven is where the magic happens during the holidays. Pies are pulled from hot trays with careful hands, as eager little eyes watch in anticipation of the sweet baked goodness. Be sure you can make those little dreams come true by giving your oven a test run before the company arrives.

If you think an appliance needs professional service, call sooner rather than later. The holiday season is an appliance store’s busiest time of year, their waiting list can quickly grow to be days or even weeks out!