DIY Home Furnishings -
DIY Home Furnishings

Tired of cookie cutter home furnishings from the department store? Are the standard, mass-produced dining room, living room and bedroom sets conflicting with your personal style? Take control of your design, and let your creativity flow with these do-it-yourself home furnishing ideas.

A Fresh Coat of Paint
Fresh paint can change a house from gloomy and depressed, to vibrant and reborn, and it can do the same for your furniture. If you’re tired of the traditional finishes, sand the table top and legs and apply some color to your end table. (Perhaps a green top with yellow legs, or rustic blue chairs and a subdued yellow table) The possibilities are endless. Grab some color samples from your local paint store and see what inspires you.

Amateur Carpentry 
If your office needs a facelift, consider building your own desk, bookcase or filing cabinet. That may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Take two bookcases and secure a two-by-four on either side, leaving a three-foot gap. Lay a finished top over it all and secure it with nails or screws. Paint or finish to your taste, and enjoy your homemade bookcase desk.

Time to Reupholster
Do you have heirloom sitting room chairs that are hideous to look at? Reupholster those antique relics and give them new life. You can find fabric remnants from any upholstery store, along with buttons, caps or any other accessory you may fancy. Remove the upholstered material from the frame, update the padding as needed and tightly wrap and staple the new fabric around the seat’s frame. Put the chair back together and proudly display your handiwork.

There are plenty of websites out there to help you liven up your furniture. Pinterest is a great place to find DIY projects, and websites like IKEA Hackers will help you turn any piece of furniture into your own personal art.