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Unforgettable Thanksgiving Decor

There’s no better way to welcome November than by thinking up new ways to create an unforgettable Thanksgiving feast! Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some fun ideas to make your holiday event even more special. These Thanksgiving decorations are sure to have your family and friends gobbling for more.

Finger Stamp Place Cards
Finger Stamp Place Cards are great seat makers and fun for everyone to do before dinnertime. To make, you’ll need white card stocks, glue, googly eyes, paint markers and nontoxic stamp pads in brown, red, orange and yellow.

Begin by folding a piece of cardstock to roughly three by four inches. Then use your thumb or index finger to stamp a brown turkey body with rings of yellow, orange and red around it for the feathers.

Next, glue googly eyes on the turkey’s body and use paint markers to draw on a beak, snood and feet. Finally, write a guest’s name below the bird and place it at the table for a fun, decorative place card.

Waxed Leaves

Waxed Leaves not only bring all the colors of fall to your table, but are also an easy, DIY table decoration. To make, you’ll need about a ¼ pound of paraffin wax, two clean cans (one smaller than the other), newspaper, colorful leaves and waxed paper.

First, place a piece of paraffin wax in the smaller can, placing the smaller can inside the larger one. Then add warm water to both cans, filling the smaller can to about a half-inch below its rim. Simmer the water over medium heat until the wax has melted. Once melted, the wax will float on top of the water.

Next, use potholders to remove the cans from the stove. Carefully dip the leaf into the wax by holding it by the stem, and then lay it on waxed paper to harden. Finally, arrange the hardened waxed leaves on your Thanksgiving table.

These Thanksgiving decoration ideas are sure to create unforgettable holiday memories for you and your guests.