The Second Generation of Bairds -
The Second Generation of Bairds

Steve Baird is the fifth member of the Baird family to become CEO of Baird & Warner. When the company saw its second Baird CEO, the firm was known as Baird & Bradley. It wasn’t until founder Lyman Baird’s son Wyllys joined the firm in 1878 that it truly became a family business.

Wyllys was a driven, passionate man, taking “Work with a Will” as his motto. Because of his perseverance, Wyllys took a leading role in not only the company but also the Chicago Real Estate Board. (This is now known as the Chicago Association of REALTORS®.)

With business booming, Lyman Baird’s brother-in-law, George Warner joined as a junior partner in 1887. He also moved to Chicago from New Haven, and George made his home in the southern suburb of Hyde Park.

Francis Bradley, co-partner, died in 1892, and Lyman Baird decided that it was time to turn the company over to the next generation. He took on the role of consulting partner, leaving Wyllys Baird and George Warner to carry on under the new name of Baird & Warner. The following year, 1893, was a very monumental year for Baird & Warner and served as the first time the firm’s present name was used. And so began the Baird family legacy.