Insulate Your Home Against the Cold -
Insulate Your Home Against the Cold

Insulating your home is a great way to save money on energy bills and make your rooms more comfortable throughout the cold months. Whether you’re an avid DIY-er and want to take it on yourself or you’d rather hire a contractor, there are many steps to take to make sure your home is properly insulated.

Before you begin, you’ll need to inspect your home to find just where those air leaks are located. The most likely places are your windows, exterior doors, attic and basement. Be diligent when examining your attic and basement as leaks will be harder to spot in these locations. Locate as many leaks as possible and fill them with caulking.

If you’re in the midst of a remodel or build, you’ll be able to use batting between each wall stud. Use the proper R-value insulation for your region. (Your local hardware store should be able to make recommendations.) Purchase a high quality hand stapler and stapler hammer to make your job much easier. Then measure, cut and hang your rolls of insulation to fit fully and tightly between each stud.

If you have decided to insulate your existing exterior walls, you’ll have a little more work ahead of you – but your investment will pay you back over time. You can fill your walls by blowing in loose insulation from the inside or outside of your home. If you choose to insulate your walls from the inside, you’ll need to cut round holes in each cavity, blow in the insulation and plug each hole after the cavity is full.

Approaching the wall space from outside is similar, but you’ll remove your siding before finding each space between the wall studs. Before you begin, you’ll need to rent an insulation blower and research just how many bags of insulation you’ll need to purchase. The Internet is full of these calculators to help you with the math.

And remember, when working with any type of insulation, always wear protective clothing, safety glasses and a breathing mask.