Maximize Your Kitchen Space -
Maximize Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is typically the watering hole of the home. The revolving kitchen door is never lonely for long. Grab-n-go dining, extensive entertaining and culinary experimentation are a recipe for chaos in the kitchen. However, this space is also the one that fosters family time, unmatched memories and, on occasion, a killer recipe. Allow the good to grow by decreasing the chaos in your kitchen with these considerations:

The most sensible way to decrease clutter in your kitchen and organize your life is to make your kitchen necessities dual purpose. Utilize dead space overhead and hang baskets for fruit or small item storage. Color coordinate your cookware and hang these overhead.

It may seem easy to hide the clutter behind kitchen cabinets, but to fully maximize this storage space you’ll need to think strategically. Every inch of your kitchen should have a purpose. With this idea in mind, divide and conquer each cabinet, drawer and pantry. Don’t be ashamed to bring in back up in the form of cabinet organizers, plastic drawers and labeled baskets.

Once you get the basics figured out, it’s time to get creative. Put those fake drawers in front of your sink to good use by inserting slanted drawers. Open up your kitchen cabinets and try installing hooks on the inside. Use this unexpected space to store utensils, shallow cookware and even recipes.

For wall decor, hang up your adorable aprons, large cooking utensils or hand towels. Don’t be afraid to make your life a little transparent. You can also spruce up the front of your cabinets by attaching corkboard or chalkboard. Keep grocery lists, emergency contacts, recipes, artwork or friendly reminders right in front of you.