Don't Let Your Heat (and Money) Escape Through Your Chimney! -
Don’t Let Your Heat (and Money) Escape Through Your Chimney!

While cozy and homey during the cold weather, a fireplace doesn’t always save you energy or money. It can often let warm air to escape from your home, causing energy bills to rise. Have no fear! There are actions you can take to avoid turning your fireplace into a money pt. See below for a checklist of items you should take care of at least once a year.

  • Check the damper. The damper is used to trap in hot air after the fire in your fireplace is out. Replacing an old, worn out damper with a new one will help insulate your fireplace.
  • Caulk edges. Use a butyl rubber caulk to seal the edges around your fireplace and hearth. Caulk all areas where the fireplace brick or stone meet with your house structure.
  • Replace your screen. Invest in a well-fitted, ceramic glass door and install it outside of your fireplace. The tighter the door fits, the more effective it will be at insulating your fireplace. Close the door once your fire is out to prevent warm air in your home from escaping out the chimney.

Insulating your fireplace is not only one of the most overlooked energy-saving tips, but also the most frequently recommended by home energy auditors. Take these important steps today to help save money and keep your heat inside.